Street fundraisers: Why are we so afraid of them?

These are not your typical fundraising girl scouts that quietly sit by while people ignore them. These are a whole new breed of fundraisers and are more aggressive than ever seen before. Born from the ashes of Mordor, they’re half human half vultures and love to prey on the weak spirited; those unable to say NO! They usually hunt in packs in front of the only entrance of a public building stalking their prey. Like a vampire, they all seem so charming at first, so you dare to crack a smile and move along… but wait… they’re following you? “Mam’ won’t you please give me a minute of your time?”

Ok this might be a slight exaggeration but you get my drift. Whenever they come out people start to run for cover. But why?

The nature of the game is pretty aggressive. Think about it they’re trying to get people to reach deep into their pockets… this doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Like the cheesy door-to-door vacuum cleaners salesman, you’ve got to be AGGRESSIVE to survive out there in the salespersons world. But has it become a public nuisance?

Personally, I’m not much of a sociable person, I see those brightly colored jackets and I run the other way …  but I thought maybe it was just me! So I decided to sit and watch for a few moments to see if others would react the same way I did. I was kinda relieved of what I saw. People would cross the street so they wouldn’t have to stop and talk to them. I also saw people speeding up their paces when they had their backs turned. But what does that say about us? The “vultures” are actually quite courageous to go out there and brave the wild society. These guys are working hard for a good cause! So why are we treating them as if they had the plague? Is it that we don’t like to be approached because we are so anti-social or is it that we are so tightly clinging to our wallets that we don’t want to have to give any of it away? Or maybe it’s just in our nature to run away from desperate people. Whatever happened to getting into peoples hearts before reaching into their pockets?

Either way, I personally don’t think that it is doing much good for the public image of these fundraisers to send out vultures that claim to be advocates for a good cause when everyone knows that they are just trying to make a buck from a donation.

What do you think? Are you for or against fundraising “vultures”?


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