Let women be…

A plus size magazine dares to embrace the true, raw, unretouched curves of the woman? I envy the plus sized magazine community for being so bold in defying the status quo and how they have embraced natures way of things cause thats how we’re made. Nature doesn’t have photoshop and anorexia is not a healthy way of looking nor is it a message to be sending to young women. So why are we praising them?

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The magazine cover featured nudes of plus sized women. The message is clear… love yourself! Why does this attitude have to be only within the plus sized community? Honestly, i think all magazines should have “normal” looking people looking fantastic in their clothes. I dream of a world that woman can flip through a magazine, walk through the street or watch their favourite TV show and not feel like they are not skinny enough.

But can advertising change for the better?

You can check out the magazine PLUS magazine article here

The V magazine pictures are here


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