Keeping people calm since 1939


Original ad from the 1939 war in England

It was 1939, London fog replaced by tension that now fills the air of London streets, England is at war. Gas masks have suddenly become part of everyday home furnishings and worry is a part of the daily routine. To offset the feelings of anxiety amongst its people, the crown sets off an ad campaign to boost moral with 4 simple reassuring words: “Keep Calm Carry On”.

Who would of ever though that 70 years later that this same ad that once reassured a population at war is now reassuring a new generation in our everyday lives. The ad pops up everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, blogs its all over the internet. The poster started out as a moral booster but somehow ended up becoming motto to live our lives by.  New versions of the ad have appeared with “Keep Calm Love Unicorns” but really all comes down to enjoying the simple things in life no matter how bad things get. Keep it simple.


Old Ad from the England war in 1939


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