Integrating the Creative Business Card Concept

Socializing is such an important part of starting a new business and building your customer base. Weather it be mingling within your community to build prospects, creating core partnerships and key contacts to get business rolling, business cards are one of the most important parts because it usually is your first contact with the potential prospect. To convert that person into a prospect you need a good business card that describes you efficiently and effectively.

There is no rule book on what you must do when it comes to creating effective business cards. In my opinion, these are important components that your card should incorporate. Some things may work for some people and for others it wont work at all. You be the judge on what works best for you but hopefully this blog post will help inspire you on where to start.

Before getting into business cards, I think it’s important to explain a major core component about your organization; the “why”.

The “why” is by far the most profound part of a company and the essence of creating truly great companies. It is at the root of what inspires people to come back for what you do. Companies who inspire people are those who are able to distinguish why they do what they do.  For instance, if you say that this toothpaste has the best cavity fighting and tooth whitening ingredients, this sounds like an O.K. toothpaste. But if you explain that we think it is important for someone to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and feel their best about their smile to be able to meet people and feel confident about yourself in your everyday life. Now this is inspiring and is at the heart of creating a truly great company.


Effectively communicating your “why” is the next step. Business cards are a great way of doing this because quite often they are the first step in recruiting prospects. Having a truly inspiring message that is core to your why on your business cards can really help converting that prospect into a customer. But it doesn’t have to be written verbally; it can also be done through your logo or even in the design or concept. However it should be brief and to the point cause you have about half a second before the prospect decides to put that card in his or her wallet or throwing it out.


But that’s not all there is to it. Design and creativity should really be incorporated to give your business that edge that you belief you have. There’s nothing more boring than a template.  Use design to maximize the chances a person will pick up your card. Most people don’t have much knowledge of design but you can always hire a graphic designer to help you create the effect you want. Your investment won’t be in vein.  Get someone who has a great portfolio that you think your business can identify with and whose style you think should represent your business. Are you more innovative? More creative? Do you offer a more personalized service? Do you make better quality? Are you more of a trendy or tradition business? Does your product taste better? This can determine the look and feel of your business cards and are qualities that you graphic designer should be embody.


Design is great but can easily overkill and distract from the business. Pictures are so inappropriate cause they make the reader more interested in the shot than what is on the card… even for photographers. A portfolio is no place for a business card, leave that for your website. Instead, design a cool logo that depicts you passion for what you do, expresses your style and your “why”.


Color is always interesting but it can easily overkill and confuse a prospect. Use simple color schemes and focus of only the important parts of the card such as your name. Embossing or glosses will hike up the overall price of the cards but really add prestige when well done.


Here are a few examples of businesses that have embedded their why really well:

Asthma Clinic Business Cards

This is an Asthma Clinic who integrated the why really well through their business cards: “Because we know that doing simple things can be so difficult when you have asthma.”

Mechanical Engineer Business Cards

Another creative use of “the why” through business cards: “Because we love to design complex devices in compact packages”


Advertising Agency Business Card

This is an advertising agency that has incorporated their why in their slogan: “Because we understand that thinking outside the box is important to you”

Security Consulting Business Cards

This is a security consulting firm that has incorporated their why with a striking concept appealing to the emotional fear of being robbed. It features the tools used to pick a locks and attempts to make the reader realize how easy it is to break in to your home: “Because we understand that it is important to feel secure within your home”



Graphic Designer Business Cards

Graphic designers usually try to dazzles their clients with their graphic skills but they forget that their prospects have real needs this card appeals to this need: “Because your business’ survival is important to you”


I hope this helps!



If your interested in the why here is where it comes from:

Sinek, S. (2012). Start with the why. Retrieved from



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