Social Politics: The way for a true leader

Social Politics in Canada

The year 2012 has been the start of a new way of doing politics in Canada; social politics. So what is social politics? It’s a new way of doing politics that involves incorporating the people’s voiced needs. It all started with the student protests for the tuition hikes in Montreal.  After months of gruelling protests, a lot of annoyed workers and Charest becoming more frustrated with the students lack desire for negotiations, he finally decided to call for an election. Obviously, the Liberals lost and gave way to the Parti Quebecois (Pauline Marois). Marois didn’t win because her policies were more popular but because Charest showed a lack of leadership by not listening and position himself as a leader of the people. Although she is an opportunist, Marois strategically positioned herself to win the elections.

Just a few months later, we find ourselves in the same situation; Harper, again, refusing to listen to the protests. History seems to be repeating itself; Harper’s lack of understanding towards the first nations’ demands shows lack of leadership. Although the next federal election is only scheduled for October 2015, Harper needs to make some serious changes in his leadership strategy or he will finish his term so unpopular that it will discredit the conservative party. The opposition is already moving in where Harper is failing. Justin Trudeau, a candidate for the liberal party, has visited chief Theresa Spence and has organized a twitter bomb to help boost popularity of her cause. No one is saying that Justin’s intentions are sincere or not, but it is definitely a strategic place to be at, especially being so close from the liberal leader’s elections.

It’s been a long time since Canada has actually seen the likes of a true leader but with this kept in mind, it will pave the way for a younger and more modern generation of leaders. Politics will need to be conducted in a much more “social” way than it has been and should make way for newer strategies in parliament. True Canadian leaders are going to realize this shift by regularly monitoring the most unpopular decisions online and participate in online discussions about these. This is a much sounder strategy instead of waiting until a protest gets organized. Those who acknowledge the people’s voice are those who will be accepted as true leaders.


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